Raycon E25 Review – Wireless Earbuds

These earbuds released by Raycon were released right before the release of their other earbuds the e50 which we will review at a later time. The e25 are a little bit smaller, so if you are looking for a bit smaller size earbuds and you still want that great sound these might be the best fit for you. The average price for the e25 is about $80 USD on Amazon.

These earbuds come in 5 different colors, but the red one are among the most popular on sale, in addition to that you have the white, the black, the blue, the pink ones, so as for the colors you have a good of options to choose from and a lot of companies don’t give you so many color options. The company highlights these features out of this product.

Premium Sound Wireless Earbuds
Compact Design
Longer Battery Life
Easy Pairing

With the box you get about 5 ear tips, and counting the pair already on the earbuds you get a total of 6.
As for the case the e25 case is significantly shorter and more compact than the other cases.

You do have your micro usb charging port/cable, sticker, and the manual and that’s pretty much it. The case door is magnetic too, if that is something that makes any difference for you, because the ear buts sit in here and you don’t have to worry about them falling off the case as the earbuds will be held in place by the magnetic force.

On the charging capsule you also have a charging status indicator for the battery status.

Trying to hook them up with the mobile device really is as easy as they say it is. The moment you turn them on they automatically show on the iphone screen like so:

Another nice feature is that if you press twice on each of the earbuds it will skip to the next or previous song, coming up with the most important feature.

The Sound Quality
It is best appreciated with a viby song or a hip hop song, and to no suprise these little earbuds have an impressive sound quality. They have some kick tune, the bass is very solid on these. The highs and the mids they are decent, the mids could be a bit more balanced out however the general sound quality is top notch.

The verdict.

For the price of these, the quality, the size, that $80 is totally worth it and the sound quality is good to go.

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