HP Envy 5055 Review

The HP Envy 5055 Wireless All In One printer replaces the extremely popular Envy 4520, which if seen from the outside they look pretty much identical to each other, it’s almost impossible to tell them apart and we can’t complain about it as they look good, with a very sleek understated design that wil l blend in with any office or home decor you might have.

The printer measures in a bit ore than
17 Inches in width
13 inches in depth
5 inches in height.
and we can say it’s a fairly compact printer.

It is fairly easy to set up initially but there are a few steps however that might not be covered in the setup guide.

HP Envy 5055 has a 2 inch black and white touchscreen display in the center of the front panel, with touch sensitive buttons and a wireless indicator light on the right.
The menus in the screen are organised in a pretty intuitive way and the touch screen capability makes it simple to navigate, although we must mention that the touch screen is not so responsive compared to the one on the older 4520 that this new one replaces.

When it comes to making copies, you can make color copies, black and white copies and a various of other options give you more flexibility. Features such as the ID card copying, resizing, and even lightening or darkening a document that is being copied.

To scan documents you can either use the HP easy scan software or the HP smart app on your mobile device, they both work very well. They even give you the option to scan multiple pages and join them in a single pdf file. The printer uses two 265 series cartridges and it comes with 2 starter cartridges, they are reasonably priced, however if you plan to print a lot we recommend you buy the XL versions of the cartridges which can be found on Amazon.

The printer has a 100 sheets capacity paper tray on the front of the machine, the closed design ensures the paper isn’t exposed and doesn’t get dust inside over time. The internal paper guides are a nice feature as well, as they ensure you can fit paper ranging from a4 letter size all the way down to 4×6 photos and even number 10 envelopes.

The 5055 has also a paper holder that extends and can hold up to 25 paper sheets.

When it comes to printing speed we can certainly say that it is faster than the now outdated 4520 when compared and tested for printing both Colored and black and white documents.
The speed does not compromise the quality, because the printed documents text is sharp and clear and have no smudges or imperfections. Even when printing full Color photos on semigloss paper the quality of it is really good and quite impressive to be honest considering it’s a home inkjet printer.

We also love the printers removable covers and hatches.

They allow you to rapidly clear paper jams and that is a very thoughtful feature.

Now since this is a wireless printer with dual band wi-fi capability and most people will use it from multiple devices on their network, hp still provides a usb port which you can connect the printer to a single computer.

If you are looking for an inkjet printer to make prints around the house or office or even need to photo prints. The Envy 5055 is definitely one of the best printers out there on the market. It retains all the great features of the 4520 while at the same time improving speed and print quality.

If you own one of these printers I’d love to know our opinion about them and how are they holding up for you and your experience with them. Please comment below and let us know.

TASER’s AXON on-officer recording system will revolutionize COPS

Oh sure, technically COPS is still a current show, but seriously, the formula hasn’t changed in eons. TASER International’s AXON / EVIDENCE.com tandem is gearing up to change all that — so long as officers agree to strap the hardware on their person, that is.


In short, AXON is an on-officer recording system that captures audio and video of arrests, and after the scuffle is complete, it sends the data (encrypted heavily, of course) to EVIDENCE.com servers that are managed far, far away from the potentially dubious grasp of police departments. There are built in sensors to see if any data has been tampered with, and if all goes to plan, the entire system should be ready for deployment in Q3 of this year. In other words, go ahead and get all your stupidity out before the summer ends.

Butt-lifting Underwear

Have you noticed that sometimes your pants don’t look so good,and most of the time that is not your pants fault but your butt’s.Now you have a solution the butt-lifting underwear.It is fashion “gadget” by Andrew Christian, the same designer who designed the Men’s Anti-Muffin Top Underwear has also designed a butt-lifting underwear for Women called WonderWear.

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Spring Speaker, mobile speaker for your Laptop, MP3 player or mobile phone

Have you ever needed high quality stereo speakers that can be portable enough to take it everywhere you go. Well Spring Speakers are the right choice. They feature a Built-in Li-ion rechargeable battery with 4 hours playing time per charge.These batteries are charged via an usb cable. It connects to music sources like iphone or ipod via a 3.5mm audio input cable.

Spring Speakers

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DNA portrait for $169

Now it is possible through a company called DNA11. You send a swab of the inside of your mouth to dna11.com and they in a short time will send you back your dna portrait which can be coloured to match your place decor. This will represent your most extreme personalized stuff.

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Anti Snoring Pillow

The interior Japanese company France Bed shows off the Anti snoring Pillow .It’s being made with a cutting-edge technology that helps cutting down or eliminating the snoring completely.

It’s really a very comfortable foam pillow. In this pillow are being used some audio sensors to detect snoring noise and immediately the pillow gives a light vibration as a response, there exist three detection levels of noise, it depends on your control choice.

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Top 10 Gadgets

What are the top ten new gadgets of 2008? Well they are not ten to be exact , they are fourteen.
Lets list them all here and give some detailed info about each of them:

  • 3M MPro 110
  • Casio EX-F1 Camera
  • BUG Labs’ Base and Modules
  • Eye-Fi Explore SD Card
  • Polaroid ZINK
  • Sleek Audio SA6 Headphones
  • Vision Research’s V12 Camera
  • Livescribe Pulse
  • Ugobe Pleo
  • Nikon D90
  • Samsung AIRAVE
  • iTunes App Store
  • Amazon Kindle
  • Tonium Pacemaker DJ System

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Brando Cube Hot Shoe 3-Axis Bubble Level

Have you ever noticed that your photos shot with your digital camera are often 1 or 2 degrees off center.Now with the Brando 3 Axis Bubble Level Cube that fits in any hot shoe of dSLR cameras or in any advanced digital camera like the canon G9 or canon G10, every photographer can shoot photos more accurately and check the angles of their camera seconds before taking that shot.

Brando 3 Axis Bubble Level Cube

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First Artificial Heart has been invented

French Scientists have unveiled a prototype artificial heart that really works, it is based on the advanced technology of satellites and airplanes.

French cardiac specialist Alain Carpentier said his prototype artificial heart – which is shaped like a human organ and pumps blood in the same rhythm – would be ready for clinical trials and commercial production by 2011.French Scientists have unveiled a prototype artificial heart that really works, it is based on the advanced technology of satellites and airplanes.

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