5 iPhone Apps for Daters

iphone apps for daters

The iPhone has been one of the most functional and versatile cellular devices we’ve seen to hit the mobile community since the beginning of time. It’s possible to do all sorts of things with them including play high definition games, play electronic instruments, have massive control over your agenda, read books, get driving directions, etc. There is something to offer for every type of user. Nonetheless, users that have made dating a significant part of their life could get some major use out of the Apple iPhone. These are just a few of the immensely helpful and accommodating apps that daters with iPhones can’t live without.

1.Excuse Me

Nobody wants to be stuck in the middle of a disaster date with no obvious way to escape the awkward tension. Stop worrying that your date could bottom out, and download “Excuse Me.” Once the date turns sour, simply open the app and set a timer for your phone to ring so it seems as if you are receiving a real call. Once you answer the phone, a real life voice will be talking back to you so that your date will really be under the impression that you have taken a real phone call. Simply act as if you have something else to tend to, and leave! This can be used in all sorts of situations, and best of all, it’s free!

2. Date Check

Going on dates with people that you’ve never met before can be awkward and nerve-racking. At the same time, a little bit of risk is involved as you aren’t familiar with this person and you haven’t a clue about their background. In this case, your next step would be to investigate. This is easily done with an app called Date Check. With Date Check, you can grab critical information about your date before getting too involved. You’ll be glad you did.


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Dual SIM iPhone 4 case is here

Sure, there are any number of phones with dual SIM card slots, most of them built for Asian markets, but the iPhone 4 is about the furthest thing from dual SIM: in fact, it doesn’t even have one Big Person SIM to call its own. Luckily, USBFever has a hacktastic solution to this problem (a followup to their iPhone 3G version), with a new $30 case that can host dual full size SIM cards on the back of an iPhone 4 (entombed in some classy clear plastic, naturally), while running an adapter to the iPhone 4’s micro SIM slot. You can then switch between the two SIMs from the iPhone’s own settings menu, though unfortunately you can’t rock both SIMs simultaneously. Looking for a more DIY approach?

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INQ1 Facebook phone rolled out to the shops by 3

Do you love Facebook? You surely will love this phone. This Social networking phone comes loaded with facebook application, Windows Live Messenger and Skype software. This is the right gizmo for all of social networking lovers.

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Nokia N97 Rolled Out, Full QUERTY High End Touch Phone

Nokia response to iphone is out, Its named N97 and it is one of the most loaded N-series devices powered by the most advanced touchscreen Symbian S60 operating system. That’s not all, this smartphone has an hidden QWERTY keyboard below the 3.5 inches 640×360 touch screen and it also offers customizable desktop widgets that can pipe in your Facebook os Myspace info, RSS feeds etc.

Nokia N97 Touch Screen Phone

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12.5 megapixel cameraphones coming soon, Sony just announced new CMOS sensors

We all know that the compact digital camera megapixel race seems to go at high speed and now that we are talking the numbers are hitting the teen age, but we have to admit that the mobile phone megapixel race is not going so slow with its 10 megapixel leader for the moment, Samsung SCH-B600. Sony its on its way to taking the lead of this crazy race with his just announced Exmor IMX060PQ CMOS sensor which promises to push the numbers to 12.25 megapixel. We don’t know yet which handset will be the lucky one to get this sensor but one thing is for sure, march is the month in which this piece of gem will be launched.

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Nokia BMW Video Phone Concept

Evgen Design has created this ‘Nokia/BMW’ phone concept which employs a ‘push-to-open’ mechanism to rotate the display by 90° turning the device into a handy-cam. This stunning concept mobile phone for the Finnish phone makers “Nokia” is called “Nokia BMW video phone”

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