Raycon E25 Review – Wireless Earbuds

These earbuds released by Raycon were released right before the release of their other earbuds the e50 which we will review at a later time. The e25 are a little bit smaller, so if you are looking for a bit smaller size earbuds and you still want that great sound these might be the best fit for you. The average price for the e25 is about $80 USD on Amazon.

These earbuds come in 5 different colors, but the red one are among the most popular on sale, in addition to that you have the white, the black, the blue, the pink ones, so as for the colors you have a good of options to choose from and a lot of companies don’t give you so many color options. The company highlights these features out of this product.

Premium Sound Wireless Earbuds
Compact Design
Longer Battery Life
Easy Pairing

With the box you get about 5 ear tips, and counting the pair already on the earbuds you get a total of 6.
As for the case the e25 case is significantly shorter and more compact than the other cases.

You do have your micro usb charging port/cable, sticker, and the manual and that’s pretty much it. The case door is magnetic too, if that is something that makes any difference for you, because the ear buts sit in here and you don’t have to worry about them falling off the case as the earbuds will be held in place by the magnetic force.

On the charging capsule you also have a charging status indicator for the battery status.

Trying to hook them up with the mobile device really is as easy as they say it is. The moment you turn them on they automatically show on the iphone screen like so:

Another nice feature is that if you press twice on each of the earbuds it will skip to the next or previous song, coming up with the most important feature.

The Sound Quality
It is best appreciated with a viby song or a hip hop song, and to no suprise these little earbuds have an impressive sound quality. They have some kick tune, the bass is very solid on these. The highs and the mids they are decent, the mids could be a bit more balanced out however the general sound quality is top notch.

The verdict.

For the price of these, the quality, the size, that $80 is totally worth it and the sound quality is good to go.

DLink AC750 Review

D-Link AC750 Dual Band Router Review

This D-Link model is a dual band router and it has some pretty nice features that we think users will love. On the box you get the user setup manual. The router itself with 2 antennas mounted on it, that way you don’t need to assemble it and also you get a short ethernet cable, you might need a longer one additionally and a power cable/adaptor.

The router is set up and designed to use a usb-flash drive which you need to provide yourself. The actual name of this router is
DLINK DIR 816 L Wireless AC750 Dual Band Cloud Router and that is quite a mouthful, but what it actually means for you is you are gonna be able to get a lot more of your wireless devices connected to it simultaneously without any interference whatsoever. So this particular router is able to run up to 300 Megabits per second on the 2.4GHZ band and up to 430 megabits per second on the 5GHz band.

So taking a look at the business end, you have your power connector on the right and on off switches next to it, reset button, and as we mentioned earlier you’re going to be needing a usb flash drive, which will act as a cloud storage. The yellow one you see on the photo above is the internet port, and on the side of it you have 4 ethernet ports, and these are 10/100 ethernet ports.

DLink AC750 Configuration

The configuration screen talks you through the 6 step configuration prices to getting everything set up and working, your d-link router will include a preconfigured card with default user/pass credentials, that is best you change for the sake of better security.

Once you have set up the router it will look like this and you will see different lights pulsing and letting you know that the router is working and broadcasting as it should.

There is very important that you understand that there are a few different apps on the app store, which help you connect to your router and give you access to its internal settings and media storage.

You need to download the SharePort D-link Mobile App which is free and can be downloaded here.

There you have a few different screens, on the app menu you have files, folders, music, favourites, pictures and movies. Home entertainment capability for this router is quite a nice feature, the interface comes in different languages and for the italian language you can check out La Recensione website.

If you came here looking for a review before purchasing this router you can Click Here And go to amazon to check the best price for this router at the moment.

HP Envy 5055 Review

The HP Envy 5055 Wireless All In One printer replaces the extremely popular Envy 4520, which if seen from the outside they look pretty much identical to each other, it’s almost impossible to tell them apart and we can’t complain about it as they look good, with a very sleek understated design that wil l blend in with any office or home decor you might have.

The printer measures in a bit ore than
17 Inches in width
13 inches in depth
5 inches in height.
and we can say it’s a fairly compact printer.

It is fairly easy to set up initially but there are a few steps however that might not be covered in the setup guide.

HP Envy 5055 has a 2 inch black and white touchscreen display in the center of the front panel, with touch sensitive buttons and a wireless indicator light on the right.
The menus in the screen are organised in a pretty intuitive way and the touch screen capability makes it simple to navigate, although we must mention that the touch screen is not so responsive compared to the one on the older 4520 that this new one replaces.

When it comes to making copies, you can make color copies, black and white copies and a various of other options give you more flexibility. Features such as the ID card copying, resizing, and even lightening or darkening a document that is being copied.

To scan documents you can either use the HP easy scan software or the HP smart app on your mobile device, they both work very well. They even give you the option to scan multiple pages and join them in a single pdf file. The printer uses two 265 series cartridges and it comes with 2 starter cartridges, they are reasonably priced, however if you plan to print a lot we recommend you buy the XL versions of the cartridges which can be found on Amazon.

The printer has a 100 sheets capacity paper tray on the front of the machine, the closed design ensures the paper isn’t exposed and doesn’t get dust inside over time. The internal paper guides are a nice feature as well, as they ensure you can fit paper ranging from a4 letter size all the way down to 4×6 photos and even number 10 envelopes.

The 5055 has also a paper holder that extends and can hold up to 25 paper sheets.

When it comes to printing speed we can certainly say that it is faster than the now outdated 4520 when compared and tested for printing both Colored and black and white documents.
The speed does not compromise the quality, because the printed documents text is sharp and clear and have no smudges or imperfections. Even when printing full Color photos on semigloss paper the quality of it is really good and quite impressive to be honest considering it’s a home inkjet printer.

We also love the printers removable covers and hatches.

They allow you to rapidly clear paper jams and that is a very thoughtful feature.

Now since this is a wireless printer with dual band wi-fi capability and most people will use it from multiple devices on their network, hp still provides a usb port which you can connect the printer to a single computer.

If you are looking for an inkjet printer to make prints around the house or office or even need to photo prints. The Envy 5055 is definitely one of the best printers out there on the market. It retains all the great features of the 4520 while at the same time improving speed and print quality.

If you own one of these printers I’d love to know our opinion about them and how are they holding up for you and your experience with them. Please comment below and let us know.

Nintendo Switch Lite Review

Here in this page we are reviewing and giving you guys our opinion on Nintendo Switch Lite.
Now every Nintendo handheld has had it’s smaller and cheaper alternative, except the switch, and its now time for it to have it’s own cheaper smaller sibling.

The Nintendo Switch Lite is that console. It is a bit lighter and little bit smaller than the regular Switch and has a few differences that we will reveal below, so let’s find out what they are.

Specs wise the Switch Lite has basically the same specs as its bigger brother, which is a bit obvious as they have to run the same games, but as per the screen size there is a difference. The Switch has a 6.2″ screen while the Lite has a 5.5″ display, but they both have the same resolution of 720p.

Battery on the Lite is a 3570mAh one, a bit smaller than the 4310mAh on the Switch and the battery life reflects the difference in the battery capacity. So while the Switch can run from 4.5 to 9 hours, the Switch Lite can run from 3 to 7 hours.

The biggest difference you can tell off the bat about the two consoles is that it doesn’t have joy cons. The High Definition Rumble and IR motion camera are also missing in the Lite.
This is something to be kept in your mind for some games, but it won’t necessarily affect every game because most of them can be played in HandHeld.
The Lite also has a D-PAD instead of the four circles that represent the D-Pad on the regular Switch.
Auto Brightness Adjuster is another thing that is missing, which is not a big deal for most people but it is something to keep in mind.
Kickstand and Docks are also missing in the Lite which means that you won’t be able to play on your TV.

With that being said, this question arises:

Who is the Regular Switch for and who is the Switch Lite for?
Well, it’s safe to think that the Lite is going to be more suitable for people who are going to be on the go most of the time. And its size makes is a great device for kids or for people who aren’t comfortable to spend as much on a console, and can use that $100 towards games or save it for other purposes.

The Regular Switch on the other side, is a perfect option for people that have time to sit and relax on the couch while playing with this console or for those games who want the best of both worlds. The switch Lite is something that the company wants to be more of a portable device than being a hybrid one.

So if you had to go somewhere out of town, a cinema or some other place you could simply put the Lite in your pocket and you’re all set. While with the regular Switch, if you have seen one in person, you can’t do that without getting a bag for it. Check the size comparison below:
Nintendo Switch vs Lite

Cinemate 120 Review

Today we are going to talk about the Bose n CineMate 120 Home Theatre System.
It has a few different components.



is less than a foot and a half and delivers powerful detailed sound and a level of performance that belies its size. It is compact so it means it is a great choice for
a small or average sized room or office space.
Inside this tiny speakers enclosure are five precisely positioned powerful drivers that are helped by true space technology. Couple that with a resonant bass provided by the Acoustimass module and you will hear a compelling level of sound and spaciousness all without a massive set of wires in your space.

This wireless module adds really dramatic low notes to all your media playing. It has a signal range of 30 feet so you can place it everywhere in your room, at the back of your tv or some place where you want to keep it hidden.

Looking at the sound design, this is where the speaker really Stands Out because it features the cutting-edge ADAPT IQ audio system. What actually is that?
Well your environment and surroundings can affect your sound. So whether you have wooden flors or walls, plush rugs or your room is just an unconventional shape for ideal sound, adapt IQ will adjust the speakers performance to the acoustics of the room so you don’t have to change a thing. Once you have put the speakers where you want, just run the Adapt IQ, sit back and enjoy the consistent sound performance throughout the room.

Another nifty feature you can enjoy with the Cinemate 120 Home Theatre System. With an optional wifi adepter you can discover and enjoy music easier than ever before. You can stream over 20 thousand different stations from around the world, songs and playlists from a personal music library as well as popular music apps like Deezer or Spotify all available via your home wifi network. And what is also a great thing is that the system also works with other bose sound touch systems to create a multi room listening experience. So go ahead and invite your friends over, because in party mode these systems work together as one to play music everywhere in your home, stream different music in different room, or create customized zones.There is a solution for all your entertaining needs.








The system includes and infrared remote control and a small control console with 4 HDMI inputs. There is a 2.4mm headphone jack as well if you need it.


FLIR E8 Price


FLIR E8: Compact Thermal Imaging Camera with 320 x 240 IR Resolution and MSX



Price: $2,999.00



>>>Get the latest Price Here



  • IR resolution – 76,800 (320×240) pixels – far exceeds RESNET standard; measurement modes include Center Spot, Area Box, Auto Hot or Auto Cold Spots
  • Compact, ergonomic, rugged & lightweight – only weighs 1.2lbs. Intuitive on-screen menus & ergonomic on-camera buttons allow one-handed operation
  • Captures/stores thermal, visual and MSX images with each pull of the trigger. Radiometric JPEGs retain all temperature data within the thermal images
  • Picture-in-Picture overlays a fixed section of a thermal image onto a digital photo to clarify problem locations and enhance documentation
  • Quick-release Li-ion rechargeable battery provides four-hour operation; 2% or 2 Degree C accuracy and -4 F to 482 F (-20 C to 250 C) temperature range

Flir E8 Review

Atomic Skis

The Top Five Atomic Skis for the Entire Family

Atomic SkisAtomic Skis came onto the scene around 1955, offering both alpine and nordic skis. The name is instantly recognizable among skiers as one of the most dependable, and high performance skis available. Atomic doesn’t just make skis for the professional skier either, they also make skis for beginners and intermediate skiers, and be ready when you decide to upgrade to more professional skis. Here are some of the best atomic skis on the market, arranged by men’s women’s and children’s.


Top Five Atomic Men’s Skis

Atomic Smoke Skis with XTO 10 Bindings 2015   <<– Check Price here

Atomic Smoke Skis with XTO Bindings
The top model in Atomic skis for men are the smoke skis with XTO 10 Bindings. This model features a predictable flex based upon the original Smoke technology. The Smoke line is great for beginners, with the Adaptive Rocker technology to prevent ski tips from catching in the ground, and the Step Down Sidewall technology means that the ski reduces the potential for injury.

Atomic Smoke TI Skis with XTO 12 Protrak Bindings 2012    <<– Check Price here
Atomic Smoke TI Skis 

The Smoke TI is a great ski for anyone above the beginner level, and perfect for moving to all mountain skiing. The TI is wide so that you have a very stable position atop the snow, but not so wide that you cannot get a good ski on hardpacked for groomed snow.

Atomic Panic Skis 2012    <<– Check Price here

Atomic Panic Skis

The next on our list of the top five Atomic skis for men is The Panic. Atomic went all out on this model, finding the perfect combination of Adaptive Rocker technology and Step Down Sidewall. If you are thinking about trying all-mountain skiing, then this is the perfect fit, even for intermediate skiiers. Even beginning skiers will be able to improve their skills with the Atomic Panic.

Atomic Blackeye TI Skis with XTO 12 Bindings 2012    <<– Check Price here

Atomic Blackeye TI Skis with XTO 12 Bindings

The Atomic Blackeye TI has a 82mm waist and is one of the most versatile skis out there. Intermediate to Advanced skiers will find that the Blackeye can do just about everything on a mountain, without catching in the mud or soft snow. This is truly an all condition ski.

Atomic Access Skis 2012    <<– Check Price here

Atomic Access Skis

The Atomic Access is next and this is one of the most complex ski packages that Atomic has to offer. The specs starts with a 100mm waist and open turn radius, for the most versatile skis for all mountain skiing. Atomic has also added Power Rocker 10 which means you get a wider ski that gives a longer length in powder and still has awesome edge hold on hard packed snow.


Top Five Atomic Women’s Skis

Atomic Cloud 7 Womens Skis with XTL 9 Lightrak Bindings 2012     <<– Check Price here

Atomic Cloud 7 Womens Skis with XTL 9 Lightrak Bindings

The top of our list for woman’s skis is the Cloud 7 with the XTL 9 Lightrak Bindings. This skii s for the beginner who truly wants to feel some serious power under their boots. Beginners will find that the Cloud 7 is as smooth as they could want and is such a powerful ski that it doesn’t take a whole lot of power to keep it going.

Atomic Affinity Air Womens Skis with XTL 9 Lady Bindings 2012    <<– Check Price here

Atomic Affinity Air Womens Skis with XTL 9 Lady Bindings

The Atomic Affinity Air is the perfect ski for those that are just starting out or only go skiing occasionally. It is also perfect for those who have been skiing on children’s skis and are ready to move to an adult size. The Affinity Air is smooth with a great hold and turns are nearly instant and require almost no effort.

Atomic Cloud 9 Womens Skis with XTO 10 Lady Bindings 2012    <<– Check Price here

Atomic Cloud 9 Womens Skis with XTO 10 Lady Bindings

The Cloud 9 by Atomic is once again available, one of the most popular ladies skis out there. They kept what was good about the first model because there wasn’t much that could be improved with this design. This is the perfect intermediate ski, light but extremely well built.

Atomic Affinity Pure Womens Skis with XTO 10 Lady Bindings 2012    <<– Check Price here

Atomic Affinity Pure Womens Skis with XTO 10 Lady Bindings

The Atomic Affinity Pure is one of the best mountain skis out there, because of how versatile it is. It has a lot of flex, but still has a great hold on the edge. Even beginners that are in good shape can use the Pure, but this is really a great ski for intermediate skiers. It is also well made for teen skiers who can no longer ski with their children’s sizes.

Atomic Cloud D2 73 Womens Skis with XTO 10 Lady Bindings 2012    <<– Check Price here

Atomic Cloud D2 73 Womens Skis with XTO 10 Lady Bindings

Last on the list of women’s skis we have the Atomic Cloud D2 73. The D2 is for intermediate skiers, but it is such a highly developed set of skis that those skiing at an intermediate level get an immediate boost towards advanced. The D2 has such a great construction that it almost turns for you and it has Lightrak binding and a desloite composite core.


Top Five Atomic Children’s Skis

Atomic Rascal XTE 7 Kids Skis with XTE 7 Bindings 2012    <<– Check Price here

Atomic Rascal XTE 7 Kids Skis

First on the list of Children’s skis we have the Atomic Rascal, a ski that is perfect for beginners who want more performance out of their skis, as well as for the slightly older child that doesn’t want to use a beginner ski anymore. The Rascal features Cap Fiber construction so it flexes perfectly for young skiers and is perfect for bunny hills as well.

Atomic Sweet Stuff Kids Skis with Evox 45 Bindings 2012    <<– Check Price here

Atomic Sweet Stuff Kids Skis with Evox 45 Bindings

The Atomic sweet Stuff is a beginning ski with easy control and Cap Fiber construction, to give you an extremely balanced flex that bends where and how a young skier needs it to bend. The composite core keeps the ski lightweight enough not to be cumbersome, but not to light as to cause injures on the slopes. Easytrak binding intregration is perfect for smaller skiers as well.

Atomic Race D2 GS Junior Race Skis 2012    <<– Check Price here

Atomic Race D2 SL Junior Race Skis

The step up for junior skiers is the Atomic Race D2 GS. This is the perfect ski for the child who doesn’t need to work on beginner moves any more, but isn’t really ready for anything too complicated. Basically, the Race D2 GS is perfect for learning and for beginning racers who are looking to start learning their craft.

Atomic Bent Chetler Mini Kids Skis 2012    <<– Check Price here

Atomic Bent Chetler Mini Kids Skis

The Atomic Bent Chetler Mini is perfect for kids who are headed to the mountains. While most kids skis simply don’t provide the design for an all mountain ski, the Atomic Bent Chetler does. This ski has a lot of floatation in both soft snow and bad snow conditions and has a great edge to edge on hard packed snow. This is the perfect ski for the child who wants as much as possible out of their skis.

Atomic Rascal Evox 45 Kids Skis with Evox 45 Bindings 2012    <<– Check Price here

Atomic Rascal Evox 45 Kids Skis with Evox 45 Bindings

For the child that is barely learning to ski, you want something that is light and easy to use and turns on a dime, as well as a very forgiving ski so that they don’t sustain injuries. That’s where the Rascal Evox 45 comes in, comfortable and lightweight, and a perfect beginner ski for a small size frame. The price even fits the beginning skier.

Razor Pocket Rocket Review


Razor Pocket Rocket Electric Mini Bike Review

Why Choose an Electric Mini Sports Bike

Razor Pocket Rocket ReviewHave you been searching for the one toy that will not only capture the interest of your child but will excite them with each use? Finding a toy that will not take second place to the box it came in is sometimes a daunting task. There is nothing quite more frustrating than to give a toy you are hoping will be a big hit only to find it is quickly forgotten collecting dust in the garage.

Razor manufactures an awesome electric mini bike that is designed for children probably at least 10 years of age to much older. The Razor Pocket Electric Mini Bike, otherwise known as PR200, is a modern sleek racing design that can reach speeds of 15 MPH and hold a rider of a weight up to 150 pounds or even more.
What makes the Razor Pocket Rocket an exciting toy?

The Pocket Rocket is a scaled down model of a real street bike and can run for forty-five minutes of non-stop fun. Just like the street bike, the Pocket Rocket is equipped with great features like “twist-grip” throttle for controlled acceleration just like the big bikes. It also has modern design features like a padded seat, a chain driven motor with single speed action making it ultra quiet when in operation, and large ten-inch tires with compressed air and aluminum rims like the big bikes making the ride smooth and comfortable.

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5 iPhone Apps for Daters

iphone apps for daters

The iPhone has been one of the most functional and versatile cellular devices we’ve seen to hit the mobile community since the beginning of time. It’s possible to do all sorts of things with them including play high definition games, play electronic instruments, have massive control over your agenda, read books, get driving directions, etc. There is something to offer for every type of user. Nonetheless, users that have made dating a significant part of their life could get some major use out of the Apple iPhone. These are just a few of the immensely helpful and accommodating apps that daters with iPhones can’t live without.

1.Excuse Me

Nobody wants to be stuck in the middle of a disaster date with no obvious way to escape the awkward tension. Stop worrying that your date could bottom out, and download “Excuse Me.” Once the date turns sour, simply open the app and set a timer for your phone to ring so it seems as if you are receiving a real call. Once you answer the phone, a real life voice will be talking back to you so that your date will really be under the impression that you have taken a real phone call. Simply act as if you have something else to tend to, and leave! This can be used in all sorts of situations, and best of all, it’s free!

2. Date Check

Going on dates with people that you’ve never met before can be awkward and nerve-racking. At the same time, a little bit of risk is involved as you aren’t familiar with this person and you haven’t a clue about their background. In this case, your next step would be to investigate. This is easily done with an app called Date Check. With Date Check, you can grab critical information about your date before getting too involved. You’ll be glad you did.


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Fluke 117 Review

About the reviewer: John Smith is a professional product reviewer who has
reviewed over 160 of today’s most popular products. John is also a technician
so he knows the importance of a good multimeter.

Fluke 117 Review

by John Smith

Available on Amazon with 30% discount at this link here.

Fluke 117

Fluke 117 Electrician’s Multimeter with Non-Contact Voltage is a Compact true-rms meter for commercial applications.

The Fluke 117 is simply amazing multimeter for demanding settings like hospitals and schools and commercial buildings. The 117 includes integrated non-contact voltage detection to avoid secondary voltage detection tools for that purpose.

The 117 is top of the fluke’s 110 series of multimeters. The 110 series is cheapest series available by Fluke.
The 117 is not Fluke’s lowest cost Fluke Branded Multimeter.
There are other multimeters like Fluke 113, Fluke 114, Fluke 115 and Fluke 116 but the 117 is a feature rich meter and includes VoltAlertTM—non-contact voltage detection.

It comes with 3 years warranty and it’s made in china unlike other fluke’s high-end series that are made in USA.



Compared to other Fluke multimeters it’s quite smaller and compact. It weights about 400 grams.
The 117 is ergonomically designed to give you a comfort hand holding with a compact size which provides an easy one handed operation off the device.

This Multimeter is currently on sale on Amazon for nearly 30% off through this link right here.

Build Quality

Even though it’s made in china it does not mean it is crap.
The Fluke 117 it’s build with very high quality materials, inside soldering of the meter’s circuit is first class, it has an input overload protection.
The build quality is excellent, it can survive everyday shocks. The switch range feels pretty good and has the standard fluke quality.

This meter is not designed for electronic use, it is designed for Electricians. It only features the Amps jack that can measure a 10 to 20 amp range. It is not capable of measuring low amps current values in milliamps and microamps. This makes this multimeter almost useless for electronics use. That does not mean this multimeter is not a good meter, it’s just produced for a different market.

Some Specs

It has an accuracy of 0.5% DC volt + 2 counts, It’s not a super accurate meter cause it doesn’t need to be for general purpose electrician use.
It has a white-bluish backlight that works fine if you happen to work in poor lit areas.
Another feature this meter has got it’s the low impendence capacitance measurement mode, it comes in handy for noisy capacitance measurements like long cables in a factories.
The meter’s stand got all the features and options engraved on it so you don’t have to refer to the manual in case you forget them.
It has an auto detect AC DC voltage feature with a fixed 600V range. The added capability to measure frequency and capacitance makes the Fluke 117 really powerful.

The Pros:

  • With VoltAlert – (non-contact voltage detection) there is no need for Separate voltage detector.
  • AutoVolt (AutoV) – determines ac/dc voltage and correctly displays voltage measurements without extra steps.
  • LoZ – (low impedance input) – Reduces chance of false readings due to ghost voltage.
  • Features true-rms for accurate measurements on non-linear loads
  • Measures Frequency – Measure frequency with one tool.
  • Analog bar graph– Better accuracy when monitoring measurement changes.
  • Compact ergonomic design – One handed operation.
  • Large white LED backlit display/larger digits – Easier to read in dark locations.
  • Display hold/Auto (Touch) Hold – Hold measurements for later use.

The Cons:

  • It’s not super accurate with 0.5 % + 2 counts of Accuracy but if you are an electrician you don’t need to be more accurate for commercial applications.
  • It does not measure milliamps or microamps

This digital multimeter is for:

As we mentioned above this meter is not for Electronic use because it has no capability of measuring low current values like milliamps or microamps.
It is made exclusively for electricians who use it for commercial applications in hospitals and schools or other commercial buildings, it’s perfect for everyday jobs.

Let’s take a look at all of the multimeter features.

VoltAlertTM—non-contact voltage detection

  • Sense the presence of ac voltage without carrying a second tool
  • Quickly determine proper grounding with visual indicator

Auto-V—automatic volts detection

  • Automatically determine ac/dc voltage—eliminating guesswork
  • Correctly displays the voltage measurement without extra steps

LoZ—Low impedance input

  • Reduces chance of false readings due to ghost voltage with new, low impedance design
  • Safer troubleshooting in high-energy 3-phase distribution panel with IEC 61010 ratings

Other major Fluke 117 features.

  • True-rms for accurate measurement on non-linear loads
  • 20 A measurements (30 seconds momentary, 10 A continuous)
  • Resistance, continuity, frequency and capacitance
  • Min/Max/Average to record signal fluctuations
  • Compatible with optional magnetic hanger (ToolPak™) for hands free operation
  • CAT III 600 V safety rated • Large white-bluish LED backlight to work in poorly lit areas

Check out this awesome video review of the Fluke 117:

You can buy the Fluke 117 cheapest on Amazon through this link here.


Let me show you what current owners have to say about it.

By B. Krumme (Cincinnati, OH United States)

This Fluke Multimeter was a wonderful purchase. I couldn’t be happier. I bought it so I could bias tube amplifiers, but I find myself using it for other projects as well.
It is accurate, the screen has a switchable backlight and is easy to read, and I’m sure there are functions that I haven’t even attempted to use. This is a great value for a multimeter made by one of the leaders in electronics testing equipment.

Original review here.

By jethro (idaho)

I like the other reviewers have owned many multimeters but have finally settled on fluke. I used fluke equipment in electronics school and now work in industry that demands using equipment in inclement weather. The fluke has held up great and the auto detection of DC and AC has simplified the work when switching between different circuits. I have also used this meter on weekends when working on old cars and it has worked great for troubleshooting and rewiring vintage metal.

Original review here.