5 iPhone Apps for Daters

iphone apps for daters

The iPhone has been one of the most functional and versatile cellular devices we’ve seen to hit the mobile community since the beginning of time. It’s possible to do all sorts of things with them including play high definition games, play electronic instruments, have massive control over your agenda, read books, get driving directions, etc. There is something to offer for every type of user. Nonetheless, users that have made dating a significant part of their life could get some major use out of the Apple iPhone. These are just a few of the immensely helpful and accommodating apps that daters with iPhones can’t live without.

1.Excuse Me

Nobody wants to be stuck in the middle of a disaster date with no obvious way to escape the awkward tension. Stop worrying that your date could bottom out, and download “Excuse Me.” Once the date turns sour, simply open the app and set a timer for your phone to ring so it seems as if you are receiving a real call. Once you answer the phone, a real life voice will be talking back to you so that your date will really be under the impression that you have taken a real phone call. Simply act as if you have something else to tend to, and leave! This can be used in all sorts of situations, and best of all, it’s free!

2. Date Check

Going on dates with people that you’ve never met before can be awkward and nerve-racking. At the same time, a little bit of risk is involved as you aren’t familiar with this person and you haven’t a clue about their background. In this case, your next step would be to investigate. This is easily done with an app called Date Check. With Date Check, you can grab critical information about your date before getting too involved. You’ll be glad you did.


3. Conversation Starter

For 99 cents, you’ll virtually never go without ideal conversation topics ever again. Everybody knows what it’s like to come to the awkward end of a conversation with nothing left to say. With Conversation Starter, awkward silences will be a thing of the past, and you can impress your date with your seemingly constant onslaught of conversation topics.

4. Pickup Master

Are you a fan of pickup lines? If so, Pickup Master is the app for you. You’ll be supplied with a load of pickup lines to make that great first impression, and to also really spice your dating life up. Choose from several categories including Flattering, Funny, Gross, etc. Making an ideal first impression has never been so easy for 99 cents!

5. WhosHere

Do you find it hard to approach others in a social setting? WhosHere is perfect for you.WhosHere is a network made specifically for people looking to get to know others locally before ever meeting them. Sitting in a crowded club and nervous about meeting anyone? That’s okay. Simply log onto WhosHere and find other people at the exact same location looking to meet others. This is definitely a helpful app, and it’s completely free!

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