Razor Pocket Rocket Review


Razor Pocket Rocket Electric Mini Bike Review

Why Choose an Electric Mini Sports Bike

Razor Pocket Rocket ReviewHave you been searching for the one toy that will not only capture the interest of your child but will excite them with each use? Finding a toy that will not take second place to the box it came in is sometimes a daunting task. There is nothing quite more frustrating than to give a toy you are hoping will be a big hit only to find it is quickly forgotten collecting dust in the garage.

Razor manufactures an awesome electric mini bike that is designed for children probably at least 10 years of age to much older. The Razor Pocket Electric Mini Bike, otherwise known as PR200, is a modern sleek racing design that can reach speeds of 15 MPH and hold a rider of a weight up to 150 pounds or even more.
What makes the Razor Pocket Rocket an exciting toy?

The Pocket Rocket is a scaled down model of a real street bike and can run for forty-five minutes of non-stop fun. Just like the street bike, the Pocket Rocket is equipped with great features like “twist-grip” throttle for controlled acceleration just like the big bikes. It also has modern design features like a padded seat, a chain driven motor with single speed action making it ultra quiet when in operation, and large ten-inch tires with compressed air and aluminum rims like the big bikes making the ride smooth and comfortable.

With the authentic big bike features, the 15 MPH speed makes the rider feel like they are big time bikers headed down the raceway. The maneuverability of the mini bike makes avoiding obstacles easy as pie. Even the younger rider can steer their Pocket Rocket Mini Bike down a course of obstacles like tires or cones with ease.

The popularity of the pocket bikes originated in Europe. Ever since 2004 the trend for miniaturized motor bike racing has spread through the states. Riders find the mini electric bike a real thrill to ride, so much so that it has been featured in “Time and Sports Illustrated for Kids”. Part of the thrill for small riders is that the Pocket Rocket mini bike does closely resemble the actual pocket racing bike.
Is the Razor Pocket Rocket electric mini bike made by Razor a safe mini sports bike design for kids?

Any toy that allows for riding and moves will pose some kind of danger. When you think about it, things like roller skates, tricycles, bicycles, pogo sticks and scooters pose a certain amount of danger. When you add a motor to a riding toy, certainly misuse poses a cause for concern.
The sleek design and motor capabilities brings this riding toy into a new category of Mini Sports Bike. Depending on the size and age or maturity of the child, using a motorized mini bike may require careful parental supervision. Certainly, some training, rules of the road so to speak and safety precautions will be necessary to insure the safety of the rider.

The first concern of the safety of the motorized mini bike made by Razor is how well the vehicle is constructed. The frame is made of steel and the assembly is actually minimal. Assembly of the bike, however, needs to be done according to the detailed instructions. The assembly directions are carefully laid out in the owner’s manual and should be followed closely to insure the safety of the user while operating the bike. For instance, assembling the handles are one of the first tasks and just like all the steps, the assembly procedures should be carefully executed. All of the parts are constructed for durability and longevity. The handlebars in particular will respond well and should never be activated in a confined area.


Where is the best place to use the Razor Pocket Rocket?

The optimal place to turn on the Pocket Rocket is in an area outside that has no potentially hazardous obstacles like you might find on public streets or walkways. The bike will run on a dirt path, driveway or the backyard but is designed and intended for use as a street bike. Even though it will do well maneuvering around an obstacle course its main purpose is a mini sports bike for racing. The aerodynamics of the design does make for optimal pleasure when coasting.

The age of the rider as described by the manufacturer needs to be at least 12 years of age and upward to adult. These bikes have been safely driven by children as young as 8 years old but with careful parental supervision and in perfect road conditions. The weight and size of the rider dictates the use. Racing miniature bikes is becoming a very popular sport for all ages.

The Razor Pocket Rocket will handle a rider all the way up to 220 pounds depending on the conditions where the bike is driven. The recommended weight, however, is not to exceed 150 pounds. The physical size of the assembled bike is 20 inches in height and about 40 inches long. The bike is electric and runs on 24V which is actually a two-12V battery pack. It will run non-stop for 45 minutes depending on the rider and the terrain and take about 8 hours to recharge the batteries.

The assembled bike weighs about 42 pounds.The heavier the rider the slower the bike will move. It is never a good idea to have two riders on the bike at the same time. This does pose a safety problem. Riding the bike in high traffic areas is also very unsafe and possibly illegal depending on the area. It is always best to check with local laws before riding the bike on a main street or sidewalk. Most states do require helmets to be worn and have guidelines as to the age of the rider and the operation of the vehicle in your local area.

What sets the Razor Pocket Rocket apart from other mini bikes?

One of the great safety features that are a built-in part of the Pocket Rocket is the circuit breaker. The circuit breaker is located near the power switch and if the motor becomes compromised in any way causing an overload situation, the breaker will shut the motor off automatically. A couple things that can cause the motor to be overloaded are hills that are too steep for the bike to handle or a rider that is too heavy. When the motor is overloaded it will overheat causing damage. If the motor becomes threatened the bike will stop running. After a short wait the reset on the circuit breaker can be pressed to reset the system and restart the bike safely. This safety feature protects the motor and cuts down on excess wear and tear.

The components of the Razor Pocket Rocket are made to last and withstand normal wear that comes with regular use. However, each component of the bike has been designed to work well with each other. If the owner decides to modify the bike in any way the functioning capacity of the bike can be seriously compromised and cause parts to wear out prematurely. Adding features that were not intended by the manufacturer could also compromise the safety of the bike. In other words, good old common sense does apply here. It is always best to contact the manufacturer before adding any non-factory features of your own.
Does Razor guarantee the parts of their Pocket Rocket Mini Sports Bike?

The durability of the parts and the availability of replacing parts is always a consideration before purchasing any item, especially one that is for riding. Razor is a USA based manufacturer that does offer warranties on all of its products, including the Pocket Rocker racer. For replaceable parts covered under the warranty it is just a matter of directly contacting RazorUSA. It is always best to read the warranty section of the owner’s manual that comes with your vehicle. In general, the mini bike is widely available online and so are the parts.

What are the rules of the road for the mini sports bike?

Common sense dictates the rules for the most part. For instance, do not ride near open pools, steps or in high traffic areas. This is not a stunt bike and should be used as intended with hands on the handlebars at all times. Just like on any bike, big or small, moving parts post a danger so fingers and other parts of the body need to be kept clear of the components that do move like the steering system, wheels and drive chain.

If there are pedestrians in the area it is always best to ‘assume’ they are not paying strict attention to the bike and its rider and may in any unexpected moment inadvertently step in front of the bike which could be hazardous to both rider and pedestrian. The rider needs to stay alert at all times for other obstacles like sewer grates, expansion cracks, pot holes and other types of debris that may end up on streets or even sidewalks. Any unexpected event can potentially cause the rider to lose control of the bike. This is the same for any type of riding whether on the mini bike or any other type of riding toy. The best prevention is providing sufficient protective gear and always wearing the gear when riding. The usual gear will be a proper safety helmet, knee-pads and elbow pads.

How much does the Razor Pocket Rocket cost?

The pricing varies but the following source does offer not only very competitive pricing but excellent service, Check out the price here If you want an exciting toy that will keep the interest of your child for a long time then the Razor Pocket Rocket Electric Mini Bike may be a perfect choice.

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