Luxury bus Hits 250 km/h Track

The 250 km/h, luxury equipped, carbon fiber bus is the product of the University of Delft in the Netherlands. With 800 horsepower on it, all-electric bus is designed to revolutionize public transport. And it works! the video evidence below.

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Researchers set new record for Ferroelectric data storage

Ferroelectric isn’t just a ridiculously fun word to say, it might just also be the future of computing. While that possibility is still a ways off, researchers have been making considerable progress in recent years, and a team from Japan’s Tohoku University has now set a new record for ferroelectric data storage. That was accomplished with the aid of a scanning nonlinear dielectric microscope, which allowed the researchers to hit a data density of 4 trillion bits per square inch. As you might expect, the exact process is a bit complicated — involving a pulse generator that’s used to alter the electrical state of tiny dots on the ferroelectric medium — but the researchers say that the technology is a leading candidate to replace magnetic hard drives and flash memory, or “at least in applications for which extremely high data density and small physical volume is required.” Unfortunately, they aren’t going so far as to speculate when that might happen.


Dual SIM iPhone 4 case is here

Sure, there are any number of phones with dual SIM card slots, most of them built for Asian markets, but the iPhone 4 is about the furthest thing from dual SIM: in fact, it doesn’t even have one Big Person SIM to call its own. Luckily, USBFever has a hacktastic solution to this problem (a followup to their iPhone 3G version), with a new $30 case that can host dual full size SIM cards on the back of an iPhone 4 (entombed in some classy clear plastic, naturally), while running an adapter to the iPhone 4’s micro SIM slot. You can then switch between the two SIMs from the iPhone’s own settings menu, though unfortunately you can’t rock both SIMs simultaneously. Looking for a more DIY approach?

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Craig Mp3 Player Review

Craig mp3 PlayerCraig Mp3 Player Review

With Christmas approaching all of us are looking for the perfect presents to buy but with the economy still in recession maybe some of us can’t afford the expensive products out there, so if you are looking for a cheap good quality MP3 player than we have the right product review for you.

There are two major hurdles when it comes to buying an mp3 player for regular consumers. To start with, the mp3 player can be too difficult or complicated for the average consumer to understand. Second, it can be too expensive to fit into tighter budgets. At the same time, a number of them may not offer sufficient features for many people.
That’s where Craig Mp3 Player comes into play.

Craig Mp3 Player is a low-price music player with high-quality sound and design. The newest addition comes with a number of upgrades and extra features.

The Craig CMP168C Mp3 Player fills the void that Apple and Microsoft created in discontinuing the iPod Nano and Zune. This slick player isn’t as feature-packed as the Nano or the Zune, but it’s very inexpensive and offers outstanding sound quality.

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TASER’s AXON on-officer recording system will revolutionize COPS

Oh sure, technically COPS is still a current show, but seriously, the formula hasn’t changed in eons. TASER International’s AXON / tandem is gearing up to change all that — so long as officers agree to strap the hardware on their person, that is.


In short, AXON is an on-officer recording system that captures audio and video of arrests, and after the scuffle is complete, it sends the data (encrypted heavily, of course) to servers that are managed far, far away from the potentially dubious grasp of police departments. There are built in sensors to see if any data has been tampered with, and if all goes to plan, the entire system should be ready for deployment in Q3 of this year. In other words, go ahead and get all your stupidity out before the summer ends.

$2,000 Tata Nano car to hit Indian streets in July

After getting official over a year ago, missing its original production plan and eventually hitting a wall with respect to production, Tata’s long-awaited Nano vehicle is all set to take to the streets this July.


According to a fresh report over at Reuters, the world’s cheapest car (100,000 rupee, or $1,980) is expected to be the hottest thing around when it ships in India in a matter of months. In fact, there are so many orders waiting to be filled, initial owners will be “randomly selected from bookings made between April 9 and 25.” We’re also told that a European variant will be launched by 2011, and while a US model is still a possibility, no firm launch date has been given there. Good luck getting your rear into one, and be sure and shoot us a few hands-on shots if you do.

Global Computer Ownership

How many computers do you have at home. I personally have three computers,  two desktops and one laptop. For serious work i use the desktop but for browsing the internet and watching movies i use the Lap Top. Have you ever been curious how many computers do others have. Here is the top list of the countries with biggest number of computers per 100 people.



Mercedes McLaren SLR Stirling Moss goes Official

McLaren SLR Stirling Moss will be one of the most attention – grabbing cars of 2009. It’s the latest product that Mercedes-Benz will officially show on the Detroit Auto Show. This is the last vehicle that will come out from the McLaren – Mercedes partnership.

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Butt-lifting Underwear

Have you noticed that sometimes your pants don’t look so good,and most of the time that is not your pants fault but your butt’s.Now you have a solution the butt-lifting underwear.It is fashion “gadget” by Andrew Christian, the same designer who designed the Men’s Anti-Muffin Top Underwear has also designed a butt-lifting underwear for Women called WonderWear.

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Gresso Enigma 192 GB USB Flash Drive

Have you ever imagined a hard drive so mini you could tie it around your neck? Now it is possible with Gresso Enigma. No it is not really a hard drive, it’s the largest flash drive ever but it has the memory of your hard drive, exactly 192 GB of memory embedded in a beautiful necklace.

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